Dave Keeler-Wagons

As part of my demonstration at Scalefour North this year I decided to build a Great Western 16ft ‘standard height’ 9ft w/b wooden van diagram V16 dating from 1912-23 (photos of V16’s plus a history of these van can be found in John Lewis’s article in GWRJ no. 67)

The body side can from a CooperCraft standard height van kit and the ends from the double bonnet end ventilator kit. For the underframe I have chosen a Masokits DC Cross Cornered kit (DC3) and Morgan Design Solebars.
The Masokits underframe is intended for pinpoint axels and top hat bearings, but I normally use Exactoscale through axels and bearings. Although these are 25mm long instead of 26mm for pin point the underframe kit contains some etch washers which are fitted between the hornblock carried and bearing and this together with the Exactoscale 1mm i/d axel spacer washers removes any side play from using the shorter washers.
The brake fret is a simple fold up plus two additional etches to provide additional push rod details. However, the safety loops are a simple “U” shaped whereas the Great Western had quite distinctive shaped safety loops. Fortunately, these can be made using a former from a Southwark Bridge Models etch safety loops strips from a Bill Bedford etch.
The body and main underframe united after testing that the vehicle is running smoothly, and the brakes are not binding.

I hope these two photos will give a view of the complexity of modelling a representation of the DC3 brake gear. The Masokits version may not be as detailed as the Morgan Design version but it is still fiddley.

Underside view one
Underside view two

In retrospect and in compiling this presentation I think when building any other Masokits DC3 underframe I may use nickel silver wire instead of brass so it will be possible to detach the linkages from the DC handles etches from the main underframes to ease fitting and removing wheels and hornblock.

Final bits added and ready for the paint shop.
Buffers bodies, pre-drilled, from Lanarkshire, heads will be from Dart Castings.
Axlebox & springs are from the Mousa Models GWR axlebox/spring & buffers set via the stores
Solebar brackets from Jeremy.
Again, the finished dig. V16 with an earlier ‘standard height’ van, a vacuum fitted diag. V12 with shuttered louvers dated from 1907-12.
No. 2002 an ex-SCER ‘utility van’ converts to an Air-Control Van for working with an ex-LBSCR push-pull set on the branches from Horsham to Guilford and Horsham to Brighton via Steyning.
Two CooperCraft Great Western undiagrammed 4 plank opens, one with DC1 brakes the other with Lever Double Brakes i.e. 2 shoes one lever.