Welcome to Scaleforum 2020

As a special in this unusual year, we present Scaleforum 2020 as a permanent exhibition on this website, our YouTube Channel and our Forum.

Here you will be able to find and explore:




Show Index

Featured in addition to the Layouts, Traders & Demonstrators, we have A flavour of Scalefour North; two illustrated talks; the Retrospective of Scaleforum 2019; a Members Showcase and a presentation from the Melbourne Finescale Group.

Our Membership Secretary would like to welcome you to our society with an introduction. Our forum is the place to go for discussion about the exhibition. Non members may wish to contribute via our Guest Book.

Links to everything are in the Show Index. If you are not a member, we hope you might like to join our society.

Society Shows

Scaleforum 2020 is a special virtual exhibition, which we will host permanently. In a more typical year, we host Scaleforum and Scalefour North. We present Scalefour Southwest as part of Railwells. Full details of all three shows are on the society website.